Backup all your printer drivers before formatting windows 10.

How to backup all your printer drivers windows 10 before a fresh install?

To easily install printers on computers that are to be formatted or newly installed windows, you can back up all the printer drivers with a utility in windows 10. 

These are the exact steps you need to follow. 

Over the years, printers have become easier to use in terms of user interface. Even install the driver. In fact, Windows 10 makes installing printer drivers as easy as possible. However, if your printer requires a specific driver, this may become a problem when you move it to another computer or reinstall the Windows 10 operating system. In addition to the driver, merging all printer software settings from one device to another can also be a problem. 

In order to sort out this issue, you can back up the printer drivers using a built in app provided with windows10. 

Fortunately, you can back up printer drivers, print queues, and printer settings in Windows 10 with just a few clicks. If there is a backup, the restore will not only restore the driver, but also restore the print queue and printer settings. 

Let me show you the steps you need to take to protect printer drivers and print queues in Windows 10 in a short guide. Transfer printer drivers, queues, and other settings to another Windows 10 computer. 

The advantage is that the tool is very easy to use. Below you can find the exact steps you need to follow. 

Windows10 printer export, Printer migration tool, Printer Driver
Printer Driver export in Windows10

Open Run dialogue box or search and type "PRINTBRMUI.exe" and then the print migration tool will open . Click on export printer and then select this print server, the list of printers and drivers will display after that  then click next and provide the location to which the backup file is supposed to save. and proceed with exporting the file

For Restoring Follow the same procedures till opening print migration tool and then click import and select the backup file and proceed importing


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