USB mode not working in Samsung J5

This blog post is about How I solved USB issue with my new Samsung J5.  I bought a new Samsung j5 , just after two days i got a message "Out of storage space". Only option before me was to move some media files to my computer . When i connected the device to my computer  it showed nothing.
I spend hours to get my phone to show up on my computer. My system not even detected the mobile. The steps i tried to rectify this issue are changing the data cable , activating developer mode ,USB debugging mode , cleaned cache ,installing Kies and USB drivers for samsung  etc, but nothing solved the issue .

In the end I got a solution(thanks to samsung support team) to activate MTP mode in my phone.

DIAL *#0808# and select MTP

activating MTP,SAMSUNG MTP, *#0808#

That's it , your are done with the SAMSUNG J5 USB issue. Now you can easily connect your Mobile to PC and transfer files.


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